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High Quality

We amplify your stream quality, so no matter what you're using to broadcast, your output is on us.

Awesome Design

We have created dynamic and user friendly interface on all our products and services.

Latest Technology

We don't take chances on leaving you in the ageeing century, we are always ahead by developing our own stuffs.

User Friendly

Excellent UI and UX designed by expert in Visual experince.


Our Exclusive Features

Find out about what made us stand out!

  • Unlimited Listeners
  • Cloud Studio
  • AutoDJ + FTP Access
  • Diversity of software compatibility
  • Mobile Broadcast Platform
  • Podcast Streaming
  • Branded Mobile Apps
  • Live Broadcast Archieving
  • Multiple Bitrate per stream
  • TuneIn App compatibility
  • Alexa enabled
  • Direct to Facebook/YouTube Live
  • Realtime Monitoring (Listeners and more)
  • Remote Support/Consulting

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Why You Should Choose Us

Our curiosity never ends, we are always moving in the right direction and getting better daily, you have the chance to request for features while our engineers and developers listen and implement them to details.

High Quality Cloud Studio

You might not need a PC to begin your Radio Channel, engage the Cloud Service.

Marketting Plan

We know you spent lots of money to keep your radio station active, we have a partnership program that helps you to earn.

Latest Technology

Be rest assured that we are always ahead of time in keeping the infrastructure alive and powerful for rugged workflow. DataFree.Network is working out its theme for every radios on our patform, your radio will get the new identity.

PlayBox Radio App

Reach the whole world via the dynamic app we created for mobile radios.

Our Best Value Plans

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We curate the best features for you to get your radio up and running! Every Addon comes at a token fee!!

You can get up to 10% discount on quarterly subscription


Starter Plan

  • Limited Hours Access
  • Broadcast up to 96Kbps
  • Mobile Broadcast App - Addon
  • Limited listeners
  • PlayBox-Radio Publish
  • PC Broadcast Platform - Addon
  • Publish Radio to other platform -Addon

$17.99 $24.99


Intermediate Plan

  • Unlimited Access
  • Broadcast up to 128Kbps
  • Mobile Broadcast App
  • Unlimited listeners
  • PlayBox-Radio Publish
  • PC Broadcast Platform - FREE
  • Publish Radio to 5 Major platform
  • Cloud Studio and web player API

$27.99 $37.99


Kabiesi Class

  • Starter Plan Features
  • Intermediate Features
  • Broadcast up to 256Kbps
  • Facebook Live - TAC Apply
  • YouTube Live - TAC Apply
  • +Pcloud 5GB Space & FTP Access
  • Remote Support/Consulting
  • Telegram Contact 24/7

$44.99 $59.99


Kabiesi Max

  • Unlimited Access
  • Unlimited Listeners
  • Unlimted Bndwidth
  • Multiple Bitrate
  • Marketting Partner
  • Branded Mobile App
  • Dynamic Website
  • Cloud Studio, FTP
  • Multiple Channels
  • Still want more?

$00.00 $00.00


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